Geeslin Group works closely and cooperatively with numerous attorneys to provide support services to them and their clients in a variety of situations. We perform or assist them with the following tasks:


Domestic Litigation


Assistance in structuring property settlements

Determining the most tax-efficient assets can increase the net amount of property settlements

Assessing the fairness of offers received and submitted

Calculating alimony and the related tax effect of receiving or paying alimony

Explaining the various financial issues associated with divorce


Forensic Accounting


Reviewing the sources and uses of money

Understanding how transactions between related parties can distort the financial appearance of a company


Fraud Examination

Assessing whether a fraud has actually occurred

Investigating how many people are involved including collusion from outside the company

Quantifying the amount of the loss

Presenting a plausible explanation as to how the fraud was committed

Proposing mitigating controls to decrease the chance of future frauds

Issuing reports used in recovery


Dispute Resolution


Proposing equitable resolutions between parties with disagreements.

Evaluating proposals for fairness.

Presenting alternative proposals.